Vision: Providing quality health care with topnotch client relation and care for patients.

We deal in vaccination, routine medical checkups, surgical services, and breeding.

You can't get to us ? Not to worry, we've got the best clinicians to take care of your pets and animals at your location.

Sales of pet needs, pet crunchies, accessories and pharmaceutical supplies.

Fumigation and environmental sanitation in animal houses to prevent the occurrence and spread of diseases. It is also important in the control of ticks and other arthropods as and arthropod borne diseases.


A trial will make you trust the best hands.

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  • Pinnacle Closet
    November 11, 2021 at 3:52 am

    This vet business is by far the best one I have seen around, I have never been so comfortable with Vet like I did with Midas Veterinarian Services, they r extremely honest and good with what they do. I highly recommend them for all your pets needs and care.

    Service accuracy


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