Listing verification


Affirm your trustworthiness and reliability to customers. Get verified and attract more customers. Verification also favours you for social media promotion.


Verification affirms your quality and trustworthiness to customers. It allows your services to stand out amongst others in search results and everywhere your business appears. Once approved, a service remains verified permanently. Verification is valid for only one service, so you’ll need to apply separately if you have multiple listings you wish to verify.


For prompt verification approval, make sure

  • your listing description is lengthy and detailed
  • your service has at least one review
  • if you’ve published more than one listing, enter the name and link of the listing you wish to verify in ‘order notes’


Once approved, a blue tick will be applied to your listing. An agent will also help to optimize and polish your business listing for free. Also, verified businesses are preferred when choosing businesses to post on our social media pages.

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