At Imani, we're dedicated to keeping your pets healthy and happy with our expert veterinary care thereby making our furry friends feel their best, one paw at a time.🐶🐱🐰. We also ensure your farm animals are in the best state of health so that you get the highest level of productivity from them.🐮🐷🐰

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❤️Thank you for contacting *Imani Veterinary Services.*❤️We are here to answer any questions you may have about your pet's health and wellness. From scheduling appointments to getting advice on how to care for your furry friends and livestock, we're here to help. 🐶Please note that *consultations attract charges and it has to be *paid in full* before service is rendered. 🐱🐐*House call charge is dependent on the distance traveled.*🐏How can I be of help to you please?

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