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Lystingz connects service seekers with service providers that best suit their needs. Lystingz also makes it super easy for service providers to get new customers, make more sales, and enjoy better visibility and patronage. With Lystingz, everyone can get things done much more quickly and efficiently.

A service provider is simply a skilled individual, group, or business that provides one or more services that benefit the public. Services that Lystingz accepts and promotes are fully displayed on this page. As long as you perform any of these, then you’re welcome to sign up and add your services.

If you perform a similar service and you are unable to locate it on our list, kindly fill out this form, giving us all the details we’d need. We’ll promptly look into your submission and update the site asap.

An account is not required to view and access services. However, it is required to be logged in to access some features, such as submitting and managing business listings, bookmarking favourite services, leaving reviews on listings, or reporting a listing.

Lystingz is free to use. You can search for services or add yours without making payment.

As a service provider, your listed service will experience increased visibility. With billions of people who are constantly looking to get their needs met, you’re sure to have customers who come knocking every time they need you.

You can easily add your social accounts and get increased visits to and interaction with your social accounts. We will also promote your services on our social accounts.

It’s much easier to get noticed on Lystingz than anywhere else. Not only is our SEO top-notch, but we are also constantly advertising your services.

Also, the way your services are organized makes it super easy for customers to quickly understand what your service is about. Your contact details and social links are readily accessible by customers. Your reviews are proudly displayed on your services for users to see and admire. You enjoy professional tools to track your account’s performance.

We wish we can, but we are currently unable to allow product addition on Lystingz. We only currently support the services listed on this page.  But we’re working hard to make it possible for you to advertise your products at very affordable rates.

Oh yes, there is one. This page contains detailed guides and explanations on how to maximally benefit from the site. We’ve included numerous tips and answers that provide clarity.

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