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People are constantly looking for the best business to work with and the perfect professional to hire. We know you’re good, but how easy is it to find you?

This is where Lystingz comes in—we make sure that when these new customers come knocking, they see you first!

Simply add your services and we’ll take care of the rest, for free!

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The Benefits You Enjoy

Service promotion on Lystingz

Free Service Promotion

Once you've added your services to the site, we will always show you to the people who need you. You can even appear on our blog and social media posts!

Lystingz dashboard

Advanced Dashboard

You get a dashboard that allows you to manage and grow your business. Access your analytics, stats, and other valuable data and resources with ease!

Free listing service on Lystingz

Completely Free

Using the site, adding your services, and other wonderful benefits you can enjoy are completely free. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Fast services on Lystingz

Powerful And Fast

We've made it very easy and quick to add every single detail about your service. Your published profile also looks great and inviting at all times!

Increased visibility on Lystingz

Increased Visibility

With over 100 million people searching for services, your business is readily presented to those who need you. Do you want new customers and more sales? We'll help!

Lystingz features

Awesome Resources

Additionally, we keep supporting your business with resources, guides, finances, and everything you'd need to grow and expand.

How Does It Work?

Create an account

You'll need to create an account before you can add your business. You can use your Facebook account to sign up. Once done, you'll be redirected and you can proceed to add your business. While creating an account, you don't have to put your business details yet.

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Add your services

Pick a category that fits and then add all details about your work, including work images and contact details. If you have more services, you can also add them under the appropriate categories. There's no limit!

Add a serviceStep 2

We promote you

We start showing you off on the site, social media pages, blogs, and other channels. We make sure you're found by people looking for you. Remember to follow us on your favourite social media channels so that you don't miss out on these goodies.

Step 3

Show off your expertise

Stand out from the competition! Increase your chances of getting new customers by getting reviewed. Share your service link with your past customers and get them to leave reviews on your profile.

Visit your dashboardStep 4

Get in touch

Do you need assistance with anything? Perhaps you'd like more clarification or information. Message us on WhatsApp, write us an email, or give us a call. You can also join the Telegram and WhatsApp groups.

Contact usStep 5

Bonus tip

Many register, but fail to add their services. After publishing your business, click here to check if your service is on the site. Make sure that the box 'Published' doesn't show '0'.

And remember, you can add as many services as you like. Click here to add more businesses!

View your profileStep 6

What You Can Do On Lystingz

Add your services to Lystingz

Find services, publish yours, win more customers, get more orders, and quickly reach your financial and business goals.

Put your talents and capabilities in the spotlight. Add your services and let's start promoting you for free.

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Check through a catalogue of amazing services, filter as you want, read reviews, and hire the pros you love.

Start getting more customers and orders

By adding your business and service details to Lystingz, you open the doors to increased visibility, patronage, orders, and customers. We’ll continue to support your business and ensure you get the boost your excellent services deserve.

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